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“Guilt-Tripping” White People

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
FIRE’s revelations about a dark side of campus life was their introduction to themad world of brainwashing which is the new American college system.
Academic courses no longer suffice as the primary function of academic institutions. For years now, mandatory “re-education” sessions, designed to divest the student participants of their own beliefs and convictions have become a ritual.
Make no mistake about it, although these workshops, orientation sessions and “sensitivity training” include participants from all races and backgrounds, this elaborate attempt at reprogramming individuals was contrived primarily to recalibrate Whites, and especially young White people.
It was not long before this reprogramming began to filter down into the lower grades of high school and earlier. Soon it spilled over from the campus and class room into the work force, as businesses, under pressure from multicultural enforcers, strove to obey the demands of these now powerful social engineers, in order to avoid entanglements in “race” troubles. And so a new industry was born – one made up of phony  “race experts,” “race consultants,” and “diversity facilitators.” Companies learned that if they paid the right price now, they could fend off possible trouble (lawsuits) later.
In his article, “Thought Reform 101,” Professor Kors cites a “multicultural educator,” who quite candidly professed, “White students need help to understand what it means to be white in a multicultural community. For the White heterosexual male who feels disconnected and marginalized by multiculturalism, we’ve got to do a lot of work here.”
So, young whites were given that “help” through such diversity vehicles as “Blue Eyed,” a so-called racism awareness workshop in which, says Kors, whites were “abused, ridiculed, made to fail, and taught helpless passivity.” Passivity is the operative word here. Turning White people into passive, fearful “fraidy cats”, uncertain of how to safely navigate the turbulent racial waters in their own country, is essential to the multiculturalist agenda.
With their fixed notions of how Whites perceive the world, the stated goal of these social crusaders is to alter the values and attitudes of these young people. Using diversity orientations to probe into the most private experiences and thoughts of students their aim is to persuade the White person to re-mold his inner life, until it is consistent with the multicultural vision. This isThought Reform at its crudest – an attempt at mind cleansing under the guise of achieving “social justice” for society’s underdogs.
Even without the heavy-handed indoctrination cited above, the white youth learns what is expected of him before he ever sets foot in school. He is taught the rules from the minute his young eyes view a TV screen and when his ears are subjected to the social, and trendy platitudes of the day. The real propaganda starts before kindergarten, but once he enters the school system, there’s no relief in their indoctrination. The impressionable child begins to learn early on the importance of becoming a “good white person” in the multicultural sense of goodness.
Sometimes, the comic nature of this movement makes one’s head spin. Last year, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for instance, Kent County high school students began a “diversity and cultural sensitivity” program featuring workshops in “healing racism.”
As reported in the Grand Rapids Press, conductors of these sessions were theCenter for Ecumenism Racial Justice Institute, the Woodrick Diversity Training Center, and the Grace Racial Justice Institute. That so many organizations were involved demonstrates the lucrative industry that has been spawned around this profitable sham.
In a stunning example of double talk (or Orwellian “Newspeak”), the Rev.David May, a “trainer,” claimed that while some kids might be practicing racism “unawares,” other kids might be victims of said racism and not even know it.
Hence, the need to assist these youths to see the offenses that exist, even though unperceived by the youngsters themselves. Imagine these kids, getting on with their daily lives, not feeling in any way offended by the behavior of their school chums – and along come the “Diversity” folk, bringing their special brand of enlightenment.
Not surprisingly, Rev. May clarified for anyone who didn’t know it, just who were the targets of all this attention. It happened to be those “suburban (White) kids,” he said, who must be brought to understand what they have “in common” with the ethnics.
This decades-long inundation of propaganda by the social engineers has proven wildly successful. Coupled with the almost total acceptance of pernicious feminist ideology, which has taken its toll on the male character, and helped along by the writings of authors like Shelby Steele, whose treatises on White shame and guilt have permeated academia, it is not surprising that so many Whites spend a good part of their day striving to prove their “purity of heart.”
Although Steele’s books have won acclaim for his premise that Whites should not carry the burden of guilt for this country’s past history, he seems to consider it perfectly appropriate that Whites live with shame.
It seems “Guilt”  is worthless because it leads nowhere. But enveloped with“Shame”, however, shows that the person recognizes the need for some form of repentance. Shame offers a reminder of past offenses for which the individual can compensate by transforming his inherent attitudes and, perhaps, behavior. This is obviously something that Steele believes White people should work on.
Since, in Steele’s world, Whites can have no legitimate “White” interests, so notions of racial identity should be shunned. Whites are not to indulge in thinking in terms of the “group,” which conceivably could lead to notions of “superiority,” a vice from which whites must flee. Asserting special regard for the group demonstrates “atavistic” thinking, which excludes others and, therefore, is injurious to “our democracy of individuals.”
Steele stands ready to paint with a broad brush those White people who deviate from this neutral (or might one say neutered?) stance as “white supremacists.” The European imperialist who reached across the seas and colonized foreign lands demonstrated his White supremacist hubris, and theWhites, who today, strive to preserve the racial and cultural uniqueness of his group — according to Steele — demonstrates the same “white supremacist” tendencies. Whites do not possess the option to operate in their own self-interest.
Sensitivity sessions, diversity workshops, re-education programs,ceaseless media propaganda via films and television, along with the cleverly disguised anti-white writings of scholars like Steele, and the not-so-disguised biases of academics like Noel Ignatiev, have taken their toll on Whiteconfidence, backing Whites into a corner, where their defensiveness often looks like downright surrender.
Proving their “goodness” has now become a preoccupation with a great many White people. Such people were beside themselves with joy at the candidacy ofBarack Obama who gave them a chance to vote for a black man.
Open advocacy for Obama was the route to “proving” that one is not a “racist”. Such an act should prove — once and for all time — that “good” Whites are no longer in need of sensitivity sessions or diversity workshops, or other such vehicles to teach them lessons in racial justice.
But … don’t for a minute think that this is a fixation from which only Whiteliberals suffer. Listen to those self-professed conservatives calling talk shows who proudly proclaimed,
I would like to see Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell run for President, so I could vote for them and prove I am not a racist.”
Those exact words have been expressed on the airwaves over and over again. In making this proclamation, the callers seem so proud of themselves. TheseWhite people consider it perfectly rational to live one’s life in anxiety over how they might be perceived by invisible race monitors. The political ideologue seeks out “our blacks” as opposed to “your blacks.”
I had White people voice this Rice-Powell scenario to me (a Black woman) in an obvious bid for my approval. I dare not inform them that I was contemplating whether to feel contempt or pity for them. I ponder the distressed White guy who wanders the earth every day worrying about whether someone, somewhere might not know what a good person he is.
 Is Burlington TOO White?
I imagine such a man, during initial introductions of himself to strangers, announcing, Hi, I’m John Smith, and I am NOT a racist!
Such people should wear a button or tag on their clothing, or wear a sandwich board that declares on both sides, I am NOT a racist! This troubled soulseems to believe that when he proves his love and total acceptance of thecoloreds, and pointedly rejects all initiatives pertaining to his own White self-interest, and in his own mind proves his worth as a human being.
As Steele wrote, “Mr. Obama’s extraordinary dash to the forefront of American politics is less a measure of the man than of the hunger in
A Bound Man
white America for racial innocence.” And, For whites, here is the opportunity to document their deliverance from the shames of their forbearers.”
Millions of White voters seem determined to prove him right. Indeed, the brainwashing is complete.

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