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Half-Black actor goes apeshite at BET awards

o, I woke up this morning and had to endure listening to some 2-bit, half-caste American Black/White 'actor' rant on about how Whites are evil and how they stole the greatness of Blacks. 

Yeah, I'm not kidding. 

His actual words were:
"Blah blah blah..... we are done watching and waiting while this invention called Whiteness uses and abuses us....... burying Blacks out of sight.......extracting our culture, our dollars..... like oil, gold..... blah blah blah.... demeaning our creations, stealing them, gentrifying our genius.... blah blah blah"
Hahahaha. Extracting their culture?? Gentrifying their genius??? Stealing their dollars?????? 

What planet is this dumb-shite inhabiting?

The day I extract Black culture or steal non-existent Black 'genius', is the day I'm officially diagnosed as a crazy fruit-loop, and locked up in the loony-house, in a straitjacket, with a cork in my mouth...... 

Jesse Williams is a blue-eyed half-half, with a White Swedish mother, and a Black father. So already you know what type of household he's grown up in... and it's not going to be a pro-White one.

He received an award for his humanitarian activism at the BET awards - the activism is his embracing of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which is one big LIE, and whose sole purpose is to attack and blame Whites for every wrong in the world. 

Just a reminder that a Black man is currently president of the USA, a Black woman is currently Attorney-General, and a Black man currently runs the Department of Homeland Security - among other powerful positions held by Blacks in the US government. 

And these eternally ungrateful Blacks are STILL grumbling about being kept down and exploited. 

As an aside, let this be a lesson to every one of you out in the big world. There is NO satisfying social justice warriors - especially Black racist social justice warriors. They are NEVER happy. No matter how much you cede to them or bow down to their demands, they will still say it's not enough. If they don't like your right hand, and you chop it off, they'll complain about your left hand. If you tweet in support of their cause - as White Nigger (Wigger) Justin Timerblake did last night - they will attack you as not being one of them. Poor Wigger Timberlake is probably still licking his deep wounds after Blacks on twitter tore into him following his tweet of support for what Williams said. 

And wasn't that just a beautiful thing to behold? A f-wit Lefty White Liberal being torn apart by his pet Blacks, who he constantly panders to. It was a thing of beauty!  

So, NEVER back down to these piles of excrement called social justice warriors. They are fascist bullies, and your IQ will drop to room temperature levels if you engage them. They suffer from incurable mental disease. Rather point and laugh at them. As you do with clowns in a circus. That's the only human response they deserve from sane people.

By the way, BET stands for Black Entertainment Television, and ONLY non-Whites receive awards. The ceremony is filled with various Blacks gyrating on stage or jumping around like monkeys, and letting the chimp come fully out, while the Black audience reacts in like.

In the video below is a little taste of how these Blacks behave when they get together, led by Beyonce bouncing around, jiggling her ass on stage in some skimpy leotard that doesn't fit her. You'll notice she has her hair braided in corn rows - a departure from her usual blond highlighted, straightened hair (no whining from Blacks about her 'appropriating White culture' there ). She sang about freedom. This, from a multi-millionairess, living freely in America - where stupid White people buy and support her music. The irony is clearly lost on her.

The BET awards is a night dedicated to worshipping the Black inferiority complex. It is a night for Blacks, by Blacks, trying to convince the world that they are a something. 

Now, if you think that the BET awards are racist, then you are vastly mistaken, because only Whites are racist. After all, Blacks are still being kept down by Whites, so these types of awards would only be racist if Whites had a night dedicated to worshipping White people via a White Entertainment Television award ceremony (WET), where only Whites received awards, entertained and presented on the night.

Not to mention if a White had made the speech that Williams did, bashing Blacks, saying they are an invention who have abused White genius and dollars. 

Goodness forbid! 

Luckily this is not the case. So the BET awards is not racist.

And as is to be expected, it was a night with the usual pro-Black crap. And the half-half's are usually the worst when it comes to praising Black non-accomplishments and being a proud Black. The half-castes usually have a chip on their shoulder, because, at the end of the day, they don't know what race they are, or what race they should embrace. Are they White, or are they Black? So they tend to be overly-Black to make up for not being full-Black. 

They have to prove to the  Blacks that they are just as Black as them, so they tend to over-exaggerate Black grievances. 

Just look at Obama. He grew up in a middle-class home, with a White Mum and White grandparents. His dead-beat Black Dad hoofed it back to Kenya, to go procreate in Africa, without a backward glance. 

And who does Obama identify with? His White family, who raised, clothed, fed and educated him; or, his Black deadbeat dad who didn't give a crap about him? 

Yup. The dad.

And once Obama realised that when he played up his Black genes and he got noticed, that was the end of any mention of his White half.

And I'm guessing it's the same with this 2-bit actor. 

At the end of the day, Whites are suffering from a severe case of negro-fatigue, and all self-respecting Whites should boycott ALL of Williams' work. 

Let's see how long he lasts in the industry. But, never fear, he can always go run #BlackLivesMatter and pretend to be really, really Black.

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