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Three suicide bombers kill at least 28 and wound 60 detonating explosive vests in Istanbul airport

Bodies lie on the pavement outside Istanbul's international airport after explosions and gunfire shook the terminal, killing at least 10

hree suicide bombers have killed at least 28 and wounded 60 in a 'major, co-ordinated' attack at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, opening fire with AK-47s and sparking a shoot-out with security personnel before blowing themselves up.  
Eyewitnesses have told how a hero policeman wrestled a suicide bomber to the ground just seconds before he detonated his explosives at the entrance to the airport's international arrivals terminal. 
It is believed the men were trying to pass through the airport's security x-ray machines at the entrance to the airport when they were stopped by security officers, and carried out their lethal attack. 
Reports tonight claim that ISIS is to blame for the attack, according to Turkey's Dogan news agency citing police sources. 
Turkish Airlines is the official airline partner to the Euro 2016 football tournament, being held in France. 

A man carries a wounded boy away from the devastated airport tonight after the twin explosions, in what is believed to have been a suicide attack
Footage appears to show the moment the explosion was detonated in what Turkish officials have declared was a terrorist attack

Paramedics and special forces officers at the scene help the 60 wounded at the airport, with at least 10 people reported to have died

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag earlier confirmed that the airport had been attacked with twin blasts at 7.50pm GMT - 9.50pm local time.
'A terrorist at the international terminal entrance first opened fire with a Kalashnikov and then blew himself up,' he said, speaking to parliament in the country's capital of Ankara.

After being stopped as they tried to pass through x-ray machines, the attackers are believed to have opened fire and became locked in a shootout with security and police officers. Some of the wounded are said to be police officers involved in the melee.
Turkish airports have security checks at both at the entrance of terminal buildings and then later before entry to departure gates. 
But nevertheless, the airport has long been seen as a vulnerable target, according to the BBC.
While there are x-ray scanners at the entrance security checks for cars are limited, which left the airport exposed to what is being called a 'major, co-ordinated attack'. 
The first photographs to emerge from the airport show a scene of devastation, with debris and what appear to be ceiling tiles scattered over the taxi ranks outside the airport.  
One photograph from the scene shows an AK-47 lying abandoned on the floor of the airport following the attack. 
Police have begun evacuating the airport terminal, where terrified holidaymakers had previously been gathering to await news following the blasts. 

An aerial view of the airport shows where the suicide bombers are believed to have detonated their explosives, at the entrance to the international arrivals terminal

The Ataturk airport is in the Turkish city of Istanbul. A lack of security searches on cars is reported to have left the airport vulnerable to attack

Ceiling tiles are scattered over the ground outside the international arrivals terminal, which was hit by what is believed to have been a suicide blast tonight

An AK-47 can be seen lying abandoned on the floor, after two suicide bombers set of blasts at the airport as police opened fire

Police investigators begin to search the area where the explosions went off, at the international airport in Istanbul, shortly before 10pm local time

Ambulances rush to the airport after the blasts this evening, to help the at least 60 wounded in the blast

Police officers and ambulance crews outside the international arrivals terminal, which was struck in what officials say was a terror attack

Dozens of paramedics help the wounded following the airport attack, which left at least 60 wounded and at least 10 dead

Ambulance crews ferry the wounded away from the terminal. The wounded are believed to include a number of police officers and security personnel

Turkish special forces members secure the area after a suicide bomb attack at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

Some 30 ambulance crews have arrived at the airport after the twin blasts and a reported shoot-out between security forces and 'terrorists'

The first images to emerge from the scene show debris, including what appear to be ceiling tiles, scattered over taxis

An abandoned office at Turkey's largest airport, the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, where reports say explosions and gunfire have broken out. A window pane to the right of the image appears to have been shattered
The private DHA news agency said the wounded were being transferred to Bakirkoy State Hospital. 
Ambulance crews and emergency services have descended on the stricken airport, as the number of wounded is expected to increase. 
A witness told broadcaster CNN Turk that gunfire was heard from the direction of the car park at the airport, which is the largest in Turkey. 
Four armed men were reportedly seen running away from the terminal building after the explosions, according to Turkey's NTV channel.   
All flight operation from the airport has been suspended, and passengers hoping to travel were kept inside the airport for their own safety where mobile phone footage captured scenes of terror and confusion as crowds gathered in corridors awaiting news. 
Foreign Office officials say they are 'urgently seeking further information' following the explosions. 
A Foreign Office spokesman said: 'We are in close contact with authorities in Istanbul and urgently seeking further information following an incident at Ataturk airport.
'Our staff in Istanbul and London stand ready to support any British nationals affected.' 
Initial reports put the number of wounded at around 60 people. Taxis are ferrying the wounded away from the airport, which officials suspect was hit by a suicide bomber

A witness told broadcaster CNN Turk that gunfire was heard from the direction of the car park at the airport, which is the largest in Turkey. Pictured, emergency services at the airport

A photograph of the entrance to the international airport shows scattered debris as onlookers gather around to help the wounded - initially estimated to number around 60 people

Holidaymakers gather outside the airport tonight, where they anxiously await further news of the explosions
Turkey has suffered several bombings in recent months linked to Kurdish or ISIS militants.
The bombings included two in Istanbul targeting tourists - which the authorities have blamed on the Islamic State group.
The attacks have increased in scale and frequency, scaring off tourists and hurting the economy, which relies heavily on tourism revenues. 
The U.S. State Department published a travel warning in March, encouraging citizens to 'exercise heightened vigilance and caution when visiting public access areas, especially those heavily frequented by tourists'.

Crowds gather outside the airport after tonight's explosions, as emergency crews rush to help the wounded

Holidaymakers drag their suitcases outside the airport, as all flights were grounded following the attack

Two explosions and gunfire have been heard at Istanbul's Ataturk airport (pictured), according to reports in Turkish media



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