miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016

Wednesday's UK Newspaper Front Pages


:: The Daily Telegraph
Islamic State opened up a new front in its war with the West bymurdering a French priest in the first such attack on a Christian church in Europe.
:: Metro
Two IS terrorists forced the priest to kneel at his church altar before cutting his throat.
:: The Guardian
France was plunged into profound shock for the second time in 12 days after the killing in Normandy.

:: The Sun
The paper calls the church attackers 'cowards'.
:: i
One of the killers was a 19-year-old man who was fitted with a security tag.
:: Daily Mail
Police have warned Britain's Christians to be on alert amid fears they could be targeted by IS.
:: The Times
A poll suggests the Conservative government has a 12-point lead over Labour, raising the chances of an early election.
:: Financial Times
Theresa May is under pressure from Trade Secretary Liam Fox to pull out of the EU customs union.
:: Daily Express
Britain could face a surge of EU migrants coming to the UK before Brexit.
:: Daily Mirror
Kidnappers holding Bernie Ecclestone's mother-in-law have demanded a ransom of £28m from the F1 chief.

(Source: news.sky.com)

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