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CR set to downgrade Trump to 'Bad' on immigration. Here’s why

Will the real Donald Trump immigration plan please stand up? That is the question conservatives have been asking themselves this week after a series of flip-flops from the Donald on his immigration stance. Trump, who ran through the primary process promising to “build a wall” that “Mexico will pay for” and to deport every last illegal immigrant in the United States, pivoted away from that position this week. This change in position comes with less than two weeks before voting starts in at least one state, and amid continuing polling problems for Trump. 

Rumblings about a change in tone from the Trump campaign on immigration came during the beginning of the week and the story reached its peak on Wednesday in a televised town hall where Trump said that he’s “softening” his position on immigration. As Conservative Review’s Chris Pandolfo noted, Trump’s language now echoes that of Jeb Bush and the Gang of Eight immigration bill.

Having illegal immigrants pay a fine and back taxes to stay in the country was the policy proposed in the Gang of Eight amnesty bill!
Further, that is the position on amnesty once held by former candidate for the Republican nomination for president Jeb Bush.

"I think for the eleven or twelve million people here illegally, they should come out from the shadows, they should pay a fine, they should pay taxes, they should work," Bush said in an interview back in October of 2015.

Even emphatic Trump-supporter Ann Coulter, who, in a stroke of bad timing released a book “In Trump we Trust” this week, was taken aback by the change. Mediaite cataloged a tweetstorm by the author and commentator.

The Conservative Review profile of Donald Trump warned from the beginning that conservatives should be wary of Trump’s immigration positions. Highlighted were Trump’s contradictory statements from 2013 straight through the primary campaign. CR is set to downgrade Trump to “Bad” on immigration, which will mean a sweep of “Bad” scores on immigration for every presidential candidate.

The Trump flip-flop could not have come at a worse time for Trump. North Carolina is a must-win state for Trump in November. He is currently trailing Hillary Clinton in the Tar Heel State according to polling. This is especially concerning because North Carolina begins mailing absentee election ballots in less than two weeks, on September 9, 2016.
Election officials begin mailing ballots Sept. 9 to any registered voter in North Carolina who formally requested one. That's the earliest in the country and 60 days before the Nov. 8 election.
The self-inflicted turmoil at the Trump campaign once again overshadowed serious questions about Hillary Clinton’s ethics while Secretary of State.
A few other battleground states start mailing absentee ballots two weeks later. An array of states follows with differing forms of early in-person voting in the campaign's final weeks.
While many people think the election is over two months away, with early voting it starts in some states even before the first debate. There are serious concerns that the Trump team is not ready, especially seeing that they hired their national field director just yesterday. The hire, Bill Stepien is a former Chris Christie aide. The New York Times said Stepien’s “role in the Bridgegate scandal led to his firing and denied him the central role he was expected to play in the governor’s presidential run.”

The self-inflicted turmoil at the Trump campaign once again overshadowed serious questions about Hillary Clinton’s ethics while Secretary of State. Multiple newspaper editorials called into question Clinton’s apparent pay-for-play nexus between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. But that story was overshadowed all week by the attention given to Trump.

There are only 10 weeks left until the end of the election season, and even less time for Trump to turn around his campaign. There is very little room for mistakes. So the question must be asked again: Will the real Trump stand up or will he continue to let the latest poll dictate his previously held positions?

(Source: conservativereview.com)

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