viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

Wales: Imam says it's ok to have female slaves and rape them

Again with rape and Muslims...

What is it with these goat-farkers that all they think about is sex? They are the first to declare they are pure and above every other religion, but they can't stop talking about sex, rape and homosexuality. 

There is a school of thought that Islam is the home of homosexuality. What they preach most against, is what they practice in private. I tend to agree. Boys are routinely sexually abused by older Muslim males in communities; then these males grow up and repeat the cycle. To them it is normal behaviour. It's not "true" homosexuality, you understand, but culturally acceptable practices...... 

In Afghanistan, young boys dressed as females dance for older Muslim males. Goodness knows what happens to these boys at the end of the dancing.... The practice of sexual perversion with these boys is known as bacha bazi. Of course, the media in the West refuses to highlight this child abuse in Muslim countries - to them it's cultural and not actual sexual abuse. 

But, if that practice was done by White males, then that would be child abuse, you understand....

It's called double standards. The White Christian race is held to a much higher standard compared to other races and religions. It's all part of the cultural Marxist grand plan to destroy Western civilisation. Their main attack is to force draconian cultures, religions and 3rd world races onto White populations around the world. 

Whites are not allowed to have peaceful, homogeneous societies these days. That would be racist. 

This Marxist grand plan is known as 'multi-culturalism'.

It's been a abject failure, of course. You simply can't expect people from backward cultures to magically assimilate into more mature and superior cultures. That's why the Marxist's haven't forced these people to assimilate - instead they allow them to form their own ghetto's within the host country, and then blame the host culture for not doing more to assimilate the barbarians. 

Then they take money from the hosts to pay for the support of the invading barbarians - who will eventually end up out-breeding and race-replacing them. Quite a scheme.... and scam. And all the while, the host population has to lower their standards, expectations, way of life, and cultural identity, to embrace the invaders. And put up with the extra crime, rape and death.

So, the Imam is correct. War is coming. A cultural war. Maybe a second Crusade. A war where the White race will be forced to stand up for their people, or die-off. Oh the horror! But this time, there are no brave White males, selling off their lands and assets to go join the Crusades and fight for their religion and way of life, and protect their women-folk. 

These days, Europe is full of atheist effeminate girly-boys preaching kumbaya, ready to willingly lie and die on the altar of political correctness. 

How the mighty have fallen. Europe is losing to the Muslims. The continual onslaught is having an effect. Just the other day, after 84 people were mowed down by an Islamic goat-farker in Nice, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that France is going to have to live with terrorism. 

In other words, France has imported the problem, forced it on the French people, and now they will have to live with the results caused by government...

Merkel last week said that, despite all the unhappiness of the German citizens with the invasion of 2+ million Muslims into Germany over the last year and a half, Germany needs to keep importing the filthy vermin. Merkel, the previous East German gestapo member, has waited for years to destroy Germany. This idiot should have been stopped in her traitorous tracks months ago - instead, the German people worry about their reputation, and guilt linking back to their Nazi-Hitler days. 

It's amazing to see. Such an intelligent people paralysed by political correctness. A German family member living in the country said to me the other day that they know Merkel is doing wrong, but they don't want to replace her because she's done a lot of good for Germany....

Yes, that is the level of stupidity in Germany these days. They will tolerate their leader destroying the country, because she once did something good. It's like saying that you like your murderer, because he once fed you....

So it is no wonder why these Imams dare to stand up in Western countries and preach about slavery and rape of White woman. They know they have nothing to fear from the quivering Europeans. Muslims don't respect us because we don't respect ourselves. We would rather attack our own people for calling out political correctness, rather than attack the core issue. 

We would rather blame girls for being raped, rather than the rapist, because you may offend the rapist.

That is the new normal for our White societies. We have allowed the cultural Marxists living among us, to destroy our souls, our sense of self, and our self-respect. We have allowed these traitors to infiltrate our media, schools and other government-controlled institutions. 

We have allowed them to dictate to us how we should live, how we should think, and what we should believe. We have given them power over us.  

They have gladly built our coffins and are busy honing the final nails.  

And we have allowed them - out of fear.

So, that's where we are. Do not be surprised one day to wake up and see our Western females wearing the hijab. Just so they can leave their homes in safety. As is already happening in Sweden. 

Do not be surprised when you wake up one day and your local church is a mosque. 

Because, remember - when people leave Christianity, as has been encouraged for decades now, a vacuum is formed and that vacuum must be filled. Islam is that vacuum-filler. Our societies have been convinced by the cultural Marxists that God is a myth - just an imaginary pixie in the sky. What we have failed to remember, is that Christianity served a vital role in civilising our societies. It did more good than bad - contrary to popular belief. It helped our societies become cohesive, safe and civil -and gave us laws to live by - and without that common bond, we have nothing gluing us together.

That is why wherever Christianity fails, the underworld takes over. Abortions, sexual freedom, perversion, disrespectful youth.....follow.

United we stand, divided we fall. 

And that, dear children, is why Islam is winning. They are strong and united against our godless communities, and they will prevail.

And that is the end.

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