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Trump wins!

Trump's win has inspired me to put up a blog post.

I have watched the election antics since June 2015, when Trump first announced he was running for President of the USA. His maiden speech won me over to his side almost immediately, when he said that he was going to build a wall along the southern border. 

Now, some people may say, well, have walls ever worked? 

To that I would reply that Israel has a new shiny glorious wall and it's working. 

And in America's case, what is the alternative to keeping hoards of Mexicans, South Americans, and other illegals out, other than building a wall, when you have a pussy in the White House shoeing illegals in quicker than 3rd world'ers can run to the West? The traitor in the White House, President Obama, also instructed his own border agents to stand down and let the illegals and drugs stream in freely. 

The wall was a symbol as much as anything else. It grabbed the attention of the long-suffering (White) patriotic Americans. It fired them up. AT LAST, someone was listening to their concerns about the Left destroying their country through mass immigration population replacement (Muslim and 3rd world'ers) and costly welfare bills. 

Suddenly they had hope - there was someone who was prepared to fight for them.

Trump burst onto the scene and spoke their language. He knew he had to, to get any traction. Plus he was all about putting America first. Make America Great Again (MAGA). 

And the more he spoke, the more horrified the Left became, the more they attacked him, and the more popular he became. The Left couldn't afford the truth being told by an American patriot, nor to allow people to start questioning just why Republicans and Conservatives had allowed the Left to humiliate them for decades, via their PC group-think cultural Marxism ploy.

White America turned out in droves to vote for a man who put his people and his country first. He was their outspoken hero, out of a sea of loser Republican surrender cojone-less White male wimps. 

For years Republican voters have been told that they have to appease the Hispanics, to get their vote. Trump blew that lie right out of the water. He spoke truth, and the truth won them over. Not appeasement. 

This election, Trump has shown American patriots how to fight fire with fire. You point out the enemy and you keep attacking them. In his case, the media. The American media is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Political Establishment these days (GOP and Dem). So many in the media now are former 'advisers' to politicians. It's a rigged system and Trump mocked them and called them out. 

So, in part, Trump won by neutralising the media. The other part was being honest and using common sense with the American people - and speaking at their level. 

Clinton lost once the media was out of the picture - when the people realised that they could no longer rely on the media to provide them with a balanced view of their world. The media, this election cycle particularly, acted as a pack of hungry wolves, hunting down their political enemy, instead of doing their job, which is to work for the People to keep those in power honest.

Once the people no longer trusted the media, Clinton was exposed for the empty pant-suit she was. She offered no policies, apart from 'vote for me as I'm a women, I'm not Trump, and I deserve to be POTUS'. The people decided that she didn't deserve anything. And rightly so. 

But, that didn't stop the media from circling their wagons around Hillary - a flawed, lying, thieving, corrupt, power-hungry, anti-American socialist. They protected her. They flirted with her. They chose to ignore her gigantic closet of skeletons, instead pointing to the mole-hills made by Trump. Trump wasn't a racist, homophobic Islamophobe..... until he decided to run as a Republican presidential nominee. Then the vast media machine kicked in.

The media are disgusting. They deserve to be mocked, pilloried and ignored. The People must be reminded continuously of the media's obvious bias and the uncontrolled hatred and contempt they have for the true American (White) people. 

The media was very willing to back a failed candidate at any cost. Even one under FBI investigation.

Shame on them.

Just imagine how they would have covered for Hillary were she elected? If they couldn't even bring themselves to question her email server and the obvious pay-for-play between her State Department and the Clinton Foundation - just how could they be relied on to report what she did as POTUS?

In the end, justice has prevailed and America got it right. Thankfully.

Trump was the man at the right time. He used his popularity and public profile to his advantage. He buried the other 17 GOP nominees and then locked his target on Clinton and blew her away.

And as for the pro-Hillary polls - anyone following the election would have known that the polls were mostly wrong. One of the few correct was the LA Times, which had Trump ahead of Hillary. Huffington Post - the day before the election - had their polls showing Hillary winning at 98%...... and shaming anyone not in lock-step with their editorial.

Now people are asking just how did professional pollsters get this election so wrong? As if it's rocket science...which it's not.

Well (as with Brexit), the pollsters did 2 things wrong:

1. They underestimated the number of people who lied to pollsters, not admitting to voting for Trump. Why would people lie? Because they were tired of having to defend their choice of candidate. Because of the rabid media demonisation of Trump, who they labelled as every 'phobe' known to man - homophobe, Islamophobe, etc. - as well as calling him a bigot and racist, people chose to keep quiet. It's what's called the Monster Vote;

2. The pollsters willfully LIED to the public. In many cases they over-sampled Democrats in their polls, to skew them against Trump. This was all meant to dampen the enthusiasm of the Trump voters and discourage them from voting. That's why Trump kept saying the polls were rigged, and asking people to ignore them and just go vote. And the people listened (thankfully). Think about this - how come the Trump camp's internal polling showed they were going to flip some blue States to their camp, and that Trump had a path to POTUS - and the professional pollsters, who do this for a living, didn't have a clue about Trump's elect-ability? Poll after poll - hundreds of them - all showed Hillary as the clear winner, even going so far as to claim it would be a whitewash? Hillary's own polling knew she was in trouble, so she started following Trump's rallies across the States to try and save her campaign. 

And yet the media and their lying polls kept showing her winning in a landslide.

Well, the polls were correct in one thing - this was a whitewash, as in White people wash.

And today we see the media luvvies crying in their cups. Hand-wringing and worrying just what Trump is going to do. Is he capable? Is he sane? Is he going to kill Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans?? That is how demented they are, these f-wit Lefties.

I don't recall them having any angst when an unknown, inexperienced Black Senator was elevated to POTUS. Yet, a man who has built up his own successful business, who has hired people and created thousands of jobs, who is known to get things done - over him they clench their chests and faint?? Pass them the smelling salts and then kick them in the butts.

Bunch of cowards. 

I can't lie, but I have enjoyed the melt-down from the Left. I have actually watched CNN today for the first time in years, just to see the Lefties cry like babies. And they don't even try to hide their hatred of Trump. This from an 'unbiased media' organisation. Wikileaks showed us exactly how 'unbiased' CNN was - what with them passing on debate questions to Hillary, and having supper with her campaign manager.....

That will be first and last time I switch my TV to CNN - or, the Clinton News Network as we fondly call it. Let's hope they go the way of the dinosaur. That would be Trump's ultimate revenge. Let's also hope that Trump has a very long memory and keeps treating the media as the enemy they so clearly are. He has the upper hand over the media, and they know it. All he has to do is call them out and they will scurry away like the cockroaches they are. And he has the people on his side now.

And that brings me to Jug-ears in the White House. 

In 2011, Obama publicly mocked and humiliated Trump at the White House Correspondence Dinner. This after Trump questioned where Obama was born:

It would not surprise me if that was the momentTrump decided that he was going to pay Obama back. And what better way than to run for election and ultimately destroy Obama's 'legacy', should he win??

Obama hasn't learned that you don't poke a sleeping bear. Not only has be poked Trump, but he's also poking Putin....

And then to cap off this post, here is Obama recently, putting his big negro foot in his commie mouth. I'm sure Obama said what he said in the clip below, believing that there was no way Trump would ever be elected:

I guess the last laugh is on you, huh Obama, you disastrous POTUS?


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