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Which indigenous European ethnic group is the closest genetically to Sub-Saharan Africans?

Sub Saharan Africans & Australian Aborigines are the most genetically distant of all racial groups

Indigenous Europeans are white or light-skinned Caucasoids. Thus genetically there are no specific European populations close to Sub-Saharan Africans. Note that the Middle-East and North Africa is the zone in between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Yes it is a fact that it was the Portuguese who were probably the first European of our era to have the first long-lasting contact with Africans. However the intemixture is still not enough to put Portuguese people genetically close to African. Portuguese are pretty white Mediterranean Europeans.
Spanish and Portuguese would be the closest indigenous that have some little Sub-Saharan African but that would only be North African or East African not West African.

Otherwise they are just dark Mediterranean Caucasoids/Caucasians but not White Europeans though.
I have too mistaken a Portuguese for not being European a lot, which tends to be for Algerian or Moroccan.

Moroccans and Algerians for example are not too different in phenotype to Iberians except for some little differences.

I really confirm that Portuguese especially Spaniards are very different looking from French people (my ancestors). 
Genetics is VERY COMPLEX, IT IS ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT SCIENCES TO LEARN, far more than chemistry, physics, and such.... 

It is IMPOSSIBLE to know which European nation is closer to Sub-saharian Africans because we would have to look at thousands of years of history, cultural interactions, individual people's stories and so on....

Icelanders and Finns are much more likely to have instead Northeast Asian admixture instead than Sub-Saharan genes.

Otherwise explain the looks of Italian Islanders or other Mediterranean people below:

Russians are more of a wildcard as they are the furthest eastward you will found White people. Also racial lines tend to blur the further east you go in Russia.

                                         Russians girls

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