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Why Whites Should NEVER Get Tattoos and/or Piercings

I read a thread on here recently discussing "White Nationalist Tattoos", and I'm going to explain here how this is contradictory in every way, as well as covering why whites should NEVER get tattoos and/or piercings in the first place. 

First off, let's examine the roots of both these "body modifications" (or degenerate deformities). We'll start with tattoos. 

The word tattoo comes from the Tahitian word "Tatu", which means "to mark something" (very diverse already!) However, the very earliest tattoos are recorded to be from Egypt, which are said to have come from around the time of the construction of the Great Pyramids (but most likely was a practice for many years before then). One can argue, "But Egyptians were Europeans!", but I don't buy this, and it's not the point of this thread to go into this (perhaps prehistoric Europeans migrated that far down south during an Ice Age and formed tribes in the area, but by the time period we are discussing, they had no reason to remain there, and it would have been extremely unnatural for them to remain there, and they most certainly were not getting tattoos!)

So far tattoos have a very "colorful" history, but wait, let's examine some more "diversity" from their roots! Tattoos were also used by the Ainu people of Western Asia to mark "social status", and was further adopted by the Japanese for "religious and ceremonial rites". These sorts of uses were replicated throughout many Asian and Pacific Island peoples in fact: The Kayan Tribe, Polynesians, The Moko Tribe, etc. It was also used similarly by "Native Americans" as well: The Dayak, Mayan, Aztec and Inca tribes. Eskimos used them as well. It can be found time and time again throughout the histories of many regions and empires in Asia, the pre-civilized Americas and the Pacific islands: Samoa, Persia, The Phillipines, China, etc. The list goes on and on.

But did Europeans ever do the same? There are some claims that many of the barbaric tribes of Europe, particular that of the Celtic strains, did use tattoos religiously or for social status, much like the many peoples of Asia, but this is mainly just conjecture. 

The most famous of claims come from Julius Caesars "Gallic Wars Book V", but for anyone who knows much about Celtic tribes, the descriptions were most likely based on the war paint they covered themselves with for battle. There are similar accounts of Germanic and the Scandinavia Russ tribes, but based on the descriptions given, it seems very apparent that what was being described was, again, paint used for warfare, or sometimes religious and ceremonial rites. Romans and Greeks did however use actual tattoos, but only to mark their slaves, or to mark coded messages or symbols on spies. 

The only "solid" examples from Europe that we can find the possibility of them using tattoos come from the ages of prehistory. One of these examples is the Lion-Man figurine found from 40,000 years ago in a German cave, but this is just a mini sculpture, and is not at all solid evidence to prove that ancient Germans tattood themselves. There is, however, one final example of tattoos in Europe that could hold more weight, and this is the finding of Ötzi The Iceman in Bolzano, Italy. 

Researchers who studied him say he had 60+ tattoos that were mainly simple lines and dots, assumed to be part of some sort of healing ritual. Genetically, he is said to be rooted from Ancient Southern Europeans and Northern Mediterraneans, but was only estimated to be 5'5" tall at 130 some pounds. 

Source for all the information so far: 
Otzi - Wikipedia

To me, this seems likely to be some sort of prehistoric Asian (or Denisovan, although they do not disclose the ammounts of Denisovan, Sapien, or Neanderthal DNA I'm the research I've found) that found himself in the South of ancient Europe. After all, most tribes and peoples were nomadic from the time period from which he was found. And even if he was European, this is one single finding out of millenias of time, whilst this "art" was prevalent as can be throughout Asia and other "colorful" regions. Also keep in mind, it is assumed he had these tattoos for spiritual healing purposes only. They were not trendy images and symbols like the ones fake "white nationalists" would get scarred on them today. 

Besides this, there are no other concrete examples of tattoos in European history until after WW2 (this should tell you alot...). So now we shall move on to piercings. 

Piercings, like tattoos, also take most of their roots from Asia, the Pacific Islands and the pre-civilized Americas, but oh goodie! We get to add Africa to this multicultural list as well! Throughout Africa's history, and even today as well, women are pushed to take piercings to the extreme, and are seen as "more beautiful" if their lips droop 10+ inches from their chin, and if their genitals are gaping, mutilated canyons. File:Surmi Lip Plate, Tulgit.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

I can also add that piercings and suspension (suspending the body from hooks) was common practice in "Native American Indian" rituals and rites. Some Southeast Asian ceremonies and rituals also included similar acts. It can be seen in Persian and Asian Indian history as well. 

On the contrary, Europe has produced absolutely no solid evidence of this foul practice in it's history (up until very recently; post WW2) It has no part in our history and culture whatsoever, nor do tattoos (unless you want social status in Asia or to be marked as a slave or spy), and there is no reason for any white person to want these "bodily modifications" on a cultural level (unless you're a cuck).

But if the cultural aspect isn't enough for you, let's examine the other consequences. We'll start with the social risks.

If you have tattoos and/or piercings, especially ones in plain sight, people are going to view you very differently. Old fashion folk and many employers are going to think you're trashy (as well as REAL white nationalists...), and liberal faggots and nihilists are going to view you with more respect. I don't see why any white nationalist would want either of these things...It's completely contradictory!

Still not convinced? Let's examine the health risks. In a 2005 survey of 10,503 persons over the age of 16 in England, complications were reported in 31% of piercings, with professional help being necessary in 15.2%. 0.9% had complications serious enough to require hospitalization. Some of the risks include the following: Infection, allergic reaction, scarr tissue, physical trauma, and oral trauma. 

Source for all piercing information:

As for tattoos, the same risks apply, except add in granulomas (small knots or bumps around or underneath skin), and MRI complications (swelling or burning from tattooed areas when doing an MRI scan).

With tattoos and piercings, we find nothing European about them whatsoever, we find that they will lose you respect with White conservatives and Nationalists, but will gain you respect with Liberal scumbags or trashy fake "white nationalists", we find that they won't help you with employment, and finally, we see that they can cause many problems to your physical well being. 

So, ask yourself: Why get them? They have nothing to do with our culture or values as white nationalists, and certainly will not help you get anywhere in life. And if you have them already, acknowledge that they are mistakes, and if you can, remove them! 

The fact of the matter is, tattoos and piercings have been pushed as "the cool new thing" since post WW2 in western society, to promote "individualism", when really it is a Jewish agenda to degenerate the modern white man and make him defile himself with foreign cultural practices and self mutilation, under the moniker of "art and expression". You want to express yourself? Make music, write a book, write articles, draw or paint! But DO NOT degrade yourself with tattoos and piercings, it isn't our culture. It's not classy. It's not honorable. And it's most importantly not White!

I am against White Nationalist tatoos. They can lead to Whites being victimized, if they get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Body piercings are absolutely disgusting! This is something Whites first witnessed among the tribes in Africa.

I remember in the late 80s & early 90s it was a fashion statement to have tattoos & made the wearer stand out from everyone else, but nowadays everyone seems to have them so it's more of a statement to NOT have tattoos.

If you want tattoos have them but remember you're not an individual by having them anymore, you're just a sheep following the rest of the herd.

That's precisely why white society has become increasingly more degenerate, nobody seems to care what anyone else thinks.

It's the same reason obesity, drug use and alcoholism are killing so many whites, nobody cares enough to do anything about it.

Individualism is not healthy for European society and it's the reason multiculturalism has become so easily accepted.

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