Friday, July 28, 2017

South Africa: Orania Set to Launch its Own Cryptocurrency

A rural town in South Africa Northern Cape, Afrikaner community of Orania province established in 1991. According to CNN, it is all set to launch its own digital currency. Approximately stated that it is the town of 1400 people and controversially known as whites only community. It has been established on private land close to the Apartheid ended.
Therefore, a report suggests that there is no racial discrimination happens in Orania despite residents of traders and white farmers. Although, that its “foundational imperative to preserve Afrikaner culture effectively prohibits racial diversity”. The Constitution of South Africa is shielding the town in a proposal to be a self-sufficiency that creates its own fiat currency, the Ora.
The Orania chamber of commerce has printed the ora by its own and distributed through its central bank. However, it is not actually a currency but it is a token or voucher fastened to the rand of South Africa. It was announced in 2004 and allowances discounts when used.
Entering the World of Digital Currencies
Further, the “e-ora”, Orania’s is forecasting to create a virtual version of its currency. So, through an app user will be able to purchase e-ora from the central bank and via using them to trade from their smartphones. There is no expiry date for the digital version of Ora.

Besides, Orania’s independence allows more efficient transactions and deducts the cost of printing paper currency. While using the e-ora, the fees apply to various credit card transactions can be avoided. According to the report, within a year or in mid-august the e-ora could be in circulation.
A controversial experiment
The community Afrikaner has joined with Dawie Roodt, chief economist at the Efficient Group to create the e-ora. According to CNN, the prize-winning economist says that the prospect to be a part of the experiment was too stimulating to turn down along with the potential controversy. Additionally, he said, “going out of his way to explain that his interest is purely academic”.
If successful, Roodt hopes digital currencies could extend with other communities. The economist says that South Africa is best for digital currency adoption, stating: “The economy is contracting and the state is highly inefficient. We have more private security guards than policemen in South Africa — you have to look after yourself because the state won’t do it”.
Racial Tensions
Professionals say that e-ora is benefiting from acceptance in digital currency exchanges. According to Rik Willard, managing director at Agentic Group that, if exchanges started to accept the or a value that could increase and also fund similar operations in different communities globally.
Moreover, Orania is most of the Afrikaner population as few are worried about its security. Journalist Corin Faife stated: “I’d be worried about hacking resistance and traceability. The nature of the project is likely to bring them under fire from anti-racist groups”.
According to CNN, Faife adds that the e-ora could grab the courtesy of authorities if it’s seen as part of a white bigot measure.

The Afrikaner-only town of Orania is freeing itself from the failing Rand, and ZOG-controlled currencies in general, by developing its own cryptocurrency.
Up until now, the little Afrikaner town’s main foray into the digital world has been massive amounts of negro butthurt on Twitter:

The town of around 1,300 people already uses a local currency, the ora, which is printed by Orania’s own chamber of commerce and distributed through its central bank.
Ora notes are technically vouchers, pegged to the South African rand, which expire after three years.
The digital version will be accessible via an app that allows users to buy “e-ora” from the central bank, and then trade them with each other and local businesses on smartphones. The digital ora will have no expiry date.
This’ll be great. The Rand has been tanking recently – probably due to not having enough money for programs and affirmative action laws to make up for apartheid.
You know what’s these guys’ problem? Not enough resources.
Prize-winning economist Dawie Roodt is helping them with this project. He says his interest is purely academic and commercial and not at all tied to anything as racist as Whites existing.
“The economy is contracting and the state is highly inefficient,”says Roodt. “We have more private security guards than policemen in South Africa — you have to look after yourself because the state won’t do it.
“The conditions here are a driving force for these developments (with digital currency), people are looking for alternatives. This is one of the best places to experiment.”
Anyway, they’ll almost certainly come under fire from anti-racist groups. So it’ll be a good litmus test for the security of crypto currencies in general.
Cryptocurrencies are implicitly red-pilled to begin with.
It’ll also be a good case study for what’s going to happen to the little White enclaves in America and Europe when all your government institutions are filled with brown “people” who hate you and blame you for their own failure and demand to take what little you have left as the nation and economy that were built by your ancestors and once thrived under your people burn to the fucking ground.
It’s also good for causing even more butthurt. So this whole thing is already paying dividends:

Hail Orania!