viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Why White is not Good Enough

oday I write my own article, cite no sources and make my position known on why White is not good enough. The fact is that White Nationalism has turned into a kind of Multiculturalism for White People. I am a Nordicist. I know that the Nordic Race originally had a monopoly on strength, intelligence and beauty, but lost these attributes through union with inferior races. The Nordic Race is the foundation of every great culture on the earth. Nordicism has also been called by some authors ‘true-whitism’.
Peasant Girl from Lower Saxony – Wolfgang Willrich 1935
Peasant Girl from Lower Saxony – Wolfgang Willrich 1935
Normal White People? Stuff Them! What is the obsession with ‘Normal White People’? They are not my race, they are mixed regardless of what their defendants say and stupider than the Jew already, they won’t realise this. Of coarse they curse Nordicism. 

How many times has one of us been told (over the internet) that we are being divisive, and it is a ‘Jew Tactic’, and that by saying this we are all Jews. In real life you would tell these people that they are not really White, even though they think they are. White is not a race, what it has turned into today in the minds of the ‘Whites’ is a devolved mixture of all kinds of disharmonic traits throwing up many kinds of characteristics from wildly different less developed origins, many primitive ones in place of original Nordic ones. This can be seen as an infusion of non European into the European that is now accepted by many in the white crowd as European. We know that you have got to be Nordic or predominately so. This is the only way to truly preserve the White Race. Their version of ‘preserving the White Race results in non of the original ‘White Race’ being left. If all of the ‘White Race’ bread together, we would become Wogs.
The ‘White Race’ has been in a state of devolution for a long time.
Many believe today, white is white is white, it is like Marxism repackaged, equality in White people. This fallacy will result in further racial decline, as there is no equality in individuals! They are also brainwashed, their only division is White and then, all the Non-Whites and their categories and of coarse the anti-race, the decomposer, the Jew.
Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP and many concerned people knew years ago that the White race had been in a physical and mental and spiritual decline for generations already, with inferior out-breeding superior, and idiocy and insanity taking hold in large segments of the population.
These segments now, according to their graphs, are pretty much 90 or 95 percent by now if current trends continued. As we look around ourselves today, we can see, that they were right!
Strong healthy Nordic Race being outbread by degenerates, most of the modern ‘white race’.
You can see a big difference in the mind and mentality between the Nordic Race and people who think they are ‘White’ just by reading cretinous comments like this below.
It is arrogance like that plus the one I have seen here from the Nordicist crowd that is making my attitude dangerously close to changing from:
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children; Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”
I am White but I am not Nordic so I don’t give a fuck; And will not Until Nordics start giving a fuck about me and my Folk.”
I would say to this person; ‘you be white I’ll be Nordic, Ill preserve the Nordics, stop being a parasite. As we can easily observe, mongrelisation is a curse that causes mental deficiencies. There is no logic and no intelligence with ‘not giving a fuck’.
This is one example of many thousands since the creation of the internet. This mongrel swine attempts to tie his fate into the fate of the Nordics and bring us down with him. He is a parasite on us and says we must ‘accept him’. Psychologically this sharp difference in thinking shows a division between ubermensch and untermensch. Who has the strength to say no your are scum and who is a grovelling bastard who gets offended by Nordicism? The inferior demand acceptance, and the superior says no, this is an eternal law of evolution. This only goes to show the inferior mongrel psyche. The mongrel once born has a psyche that is corrupt, it will only destroy.
These so called ‘Whites’ are just racial inferiors and they prove it by not being so specific with their understanding of themselves, their classifications and what they want. They have no consistent traits among them as they are not a race, the only thing that survives with them may be the white skin and even that they make many allowances on. They make allowances for everything that they are, which is not much. They have no definable traits and no definable type. There has been a dysgenic trend that includes a major infusion of admixtures, a reduction is skull length, an infantalisation process, and a general mongrelisation process where the inferior and least progressive has predominated in every mix. What they take pride in was long ago and not of people who looked like them at all. If they were to go back in a time machine even 50 years, they would see the adults of their time looking vastly superior and more Nordic than themselves.
These so called ‘Whites’ are so desperate to be included by us and the end result of that is they destroy us. They take credit for all our achievements and go mad when you make stricter classifications and they express their inferiority.
White is not a race, it is a term that excuses their mongrelisation.
The SCIENTIFIC PROOF that we are not one race is what happens when we breed together!
Mongrels hate Nordicism, and it (the Nordic) is a real race, unlike ‘White’. Most ‘White’ people are mixed racial shit with no reliable traits. It appeals to subhuman whites where as Nordicism appeals to the superior Germanic people. The mongrels will shed no tears and neither notice nor care when we die out, and they will think they have preserved the white race!
Wolfgang Willrich
By Wolfgang Willrich
If anyone seriously wants to preserve the white race, they cannot pretend that the primal White race is not the Nordic race, and that the mongrels prove they are mongrels by their lack of specificness. The mongrels cannot even state what the traits are that they love about the ‘white race’ so much.
So, where does that leave us. The Nordic Race will push for a state, and the others that take credit for our achievements can so to, but they will quickly find they are useless, worse than and more mixed than the original Slavs and the first thing they would do is fire up their computers again and go back to their virtual reality, which really is their culture, and really is all they are good for.