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 WotW examines this year's Christmas adverts in the UK and discovers a very disturbing trend.

his is all part of there agenda too destroy the white nuclear family thus pushing globalism the globalist know they must destroy the white Christians for globalism to work thus the attacks on nationalist.

 Christianity has been instrumental in destroying western civilization, maybe not the religion , but the people who ran it . I mean from the very beginning . do research and tell me what ((( type))) of people were these ? All twelve of them especially the liar who changed his name to Paul, when he was a pharisee. So Christianity I'm afraid does not deserve to survive.

 We need to go back to our pagan roots. I was raised catholic, and today I am an Odinist, and worship the gods of my Nordic ancestors.

 Equally ridiculous as the ads is the fact that this isn't allowed on YouTube...
True, but sadly, 'ridiculous' is abrogated by 'existentially threatening'...

 Sickening. So obvious, even normies can't ignore. These (((people))) hate us. Don't buy what they're selling.

 He shortly after robs her house and leaves her for dead.
 Takes over her home to turn it into a crack house.
"An all muh homies hang wit me dere wit da ho's anda cracker ho too, n'da crack, rite dere in da crib. An iffin we get snatched up by da pigs we sez we dindu nuffin! CASE CLOSED DOG!"

 A tip you can use to fight back against globalist propaganda. Openly frown your displeasure upon all things encroaching upon your White European Identity and use your money to validate your displeasure.

 The jews want the White race to be absorbed into the racial tower of babel.

 Howdy from across the pond! I'm thankful for people like yourself making content like this on multiple platforms to get the message out. It is really a shame the globalist social engineers have operated under our noses for so long virtually undetectable. Their goal to destroy the west under the guise of multiculturalism can't be more clear. I stand with you and all others in opposition to these threats to the western way of life and enlightenment values.

You're right that it's only our Christian European culture and traditions that have been completely commercialized and made into little more than a backdrop for pseudo-sentimental marketing ploys.
When I was younger I used to take cultural appropriation, deconstruction, and satire on the chin with a sense of humour (e.g., TV shows like The Simpsons, atheistical cultural critics, etc.), but when combined with the recent and very real risk of racial, cultural, and historical destruction, it is no longer funny. The enemies of the West have taken advantage of our willingness to entertain and invite their ideas in good faith, but now that they have gained some political power they refuse to offer the same in return.
Don't forget that the Coca Cola Santa Claus really came from the inspired memory of a real Christian European man, Saint Nicholas, who brought gifts to the children and meek out of his own sense of compassion and faith. 
When you are bombarded with the non-stop interruptions from advertisements and flashing neon-lights, remember that this time of year was a profoundly important time for our Christian and Pagan Ancestors who honored their God(s), saints, and heroes in preparation for the new year - the dawn of the new cycle.
  Remember last London Olympics 'typical English family' in opening ceremonies? Would love to see an ad for a white guy Christmas shopping for his four ethnically diverse wives; pour a beer and enjoy the fallout!
Merry Christmas, everyone (so sick of the 'happy holidays' bs).
  The propaganda is at full force now. These tactics aren't new. There was an advertisement for Extra gum that portrayed a beautiful white woman being courted by an Hispanic man. I will never, ever purchase that gum again...

 Britain, by becoming diverse, is not pioneering some kind of Brave New World. Brazil has been diverse for centuries, and there is no reason to suppose that we will not end up like Brazil. Brazil has minimal welfare provision, huge wealth inequalities, an extremely high crime rate, with the number of murders in its capital city exceeding those in the whole of Europe in any given time interval. The Brazilian population is not all one chocolate colour, but there is a racial hierarchy based on skin tone, and they have emphatically the usual white Western standards of beauty together with a Macho culture quite unlike our pussywhipped white European men.

 And white women are sought after by non-white men. Why? Is it because white women are the most attractive women on the planet? As a white guy, I think so.
So that's why they are pushing black man-white woman scenarios.
I don't know if it's me being white, but I think very few black women are attractive.
So now we have to compete with other races for OUR fucking women, because they are less attracted to their own.

 Who controls big business and the media? Who is expressing an open agenda to genocide the white race? Who's huge transnational financial clout controls the political sphere from behind the curtain? This is no Cohencidence.

 I'm dreaming of a Huwhite Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

Man this is depressing... Honestly, I think our only chance is to form 
white ethno-states, because otherwise even if we stop the mixing, the r 
vs k reproduction rates will inevitably still result in white 
genocide... I feel like it's either already too late for us or our only 
hope is to act very drastically and very soon.
If we do not bravely dedicate our time to waking up our white brothers 
and sisters to racial realism, WW2, and destroy fraudulently-instilled 
white guilt, then we will inevitably lose.

(Source:  bitchute.com, amedeffect.org)

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