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Facts About Tuberculosis In The United States by Race / Ethnicity

  • Those at highest risk for developing TB disease are those with TB infection who have weakened immune systems - people with HIV infection, people who inject drugs, and those with certain medical conditions such as diabetes. HIV is the strongest risk factor for TB disease.
  • Although cases declined nationally, they increased or stayed the same in 18 states.
  • Multi-drug-resistant TB (MDR TB) strains were reported in 1.4 percent of people with culture-positive TB in 1997. (That is, they were diagnosed with strains resistant to the two most important anti-TB drugs.)
  • Health departments must expand treatment and prevention programs to ensure that people complete prescribed regimens.
  • Global TB has a significant impact on the US. An increasing proportion of cases in the US occur among people born in areas where TB is common - areas such as Asia, Africa and Latin America.  These cases among the foreign-born increased from 22 percent of cases in 1986 to 39 percent in 1997.
  • At least 100,000 people in the US are infected with both TB and HIV, a deadly combination that accelerates the progression of both diseases.
  • Each year 500 reports of TB disease among health care workers are reported each year.
  • Each year, 700-1,000 cases among residents of long-term care facilities are reported.
  • More than 1,200 TB cases among the homeless are reported each year.
  • Each year, 700-1,000 cases of TB are reported among residents of correctional facilities.
  • The greatest proportion of TB cases occur among people in the prime of their lives - ages 25-44.
  • TB disproportionally affects minorities.  (See chart below)  This likely reflects factors such as the HIV epidemic and the impact of travel and immigration from areas where TB is common.
  • In 1997 TB affected men disproportionately, continuing the historical trend.  That year, 62 percent of cases occurred among men while 38 percent occurred among women.

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