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Englishman Denied UK-based Job ‘Because he’s British’

 Michael Fowler, pictured with partner Louise Evans, was 'gobsmacked' when he got an email apparently rejecting his job application because he is British 

In yet another explicit case of discrimination against the native people of England, an Englishman has been denied a job interview for a job based and advertised in England ‘because he’s British’.

39-year-old Michael Fowler, of Salisbury in Wiltshire, applied for the job through recruitment company Blu Global. He then received an email from a Romanian recruitment consultant asking him if his nationality because ‘this job excludes British workers’.

Fowler has 12 years’ experience as a haulage driver. The job in question was a driving job advertised to ‘EU citizens with a good level of English’.

The Romanian recruitment consultant, Plamena Ivanova, pictured below, has since been dismissed by Blu Global.
 Plamena Ivanova, pictured, emailed Mr Fowler to tell him the opportunity was not open to applicants who were British 

On their website, Blu Global boasts that it has placed over 1500 EU workers in British jobs. One wonders how much money this company is providing a certain anti-Brexit Soros initiative?
The company is actively engaged in the process of flooding the British labour market with cheap Eastern European workers. 

According to its founder, Blu Global even offers English language lessons to assist the Slavic hopefuls in their quest for a British job.
How such companies can continually get away with this flagrant disregard for the native people of England is absolutely astounding – but hardly surprising, given the lack of political will amongst the British establishment to actually fulfil their first duty of protecting their own people.

British workers, particularly unskilled workers, have experienced a greater real-term wage depression than any other demographic in recent years.

Since 2004, millions of unskilled workers from relatively backward economies, such as those of Romania and Bulgaria, have flooded into the United Kingdom’s labour market.

Poles are a particular problem for the British worker. It is estimated that there are over a million people from Poland living permanently in the United Kingdom, with the bulk of this demographic working in the unskilled labour market.

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