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11 Struggles Of Being Mixed Race

1. “What are you?”

2. Never fully fitting in with either side.

3. But we deal with twice the amount of racism and stereotype.

4. Your hair confuses you.

5. “Are you going to marry [insert race here] or [insert race here]?”

6. “OMG the [insert race here] in you came out!”

7. “Hola!" [Speaks Spanish.]

8. “You’re pretty for [insert race here], maybe because you’re only half.”

9. “Mixed girls are the ugliest.”

 10. People ask you about your family details.

“Wait, so which one of your parents is [insert race here]?” “You have [insert race here] grandparents?” “Is your uncle [insert race here] too?” “What are your cousins?” “Are you related to your siblings?” “Where do your grandparents live?” 

11. “Are you more [insert race here] or [insert race here]?"

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