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Radical Erdogan Builds 9000 Mosques & Bans Christian Liturgy

We see Radical Islam on the rise everywhere and what’s even more disturbing is that these radicals have penetrated almost every part of Europe and America.  Their clear intent is to have more kids than the women of their hosting nations.  Demographics indicate that Sweden is almost a gone case and that it has become the rape capital of Europe. England could follow a similar path in 10-20 years as Muslim women are giving birth to 4 kids on average to every 1.5 children European couples have.    The videos below illustrate how the situation is going from bad to worse.
Then we have Radical Insane Erdogan, the wannabe Sultan whose ambition it is to promote Radical Islam as far as he can. He has built the largest Mosque in the world, and it’s not in Turkey, but it has been constructed in America. Now we find out that he has built almost 9,000 new mosques in Turkey and is banning Christian liturgy.  If the Europe does not wake up to Radical Islam, there will be no Europe to wake up to in the years to come.  The only places that are actively destroying the jihadists are Russia and China
A total of 8,985 mosques were built between 2005 and 2015 by the Turkish government over the last decade in Turkey, according to statistics released by Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate
While the Turkish government has built so many mosques across the country with state funds, it has banned Orthodox Christian liturgy in the Sumela Monastery, a historic site in Trabzon.

La mejor película de cada país de Latinoamérica, según el ránking de IMDb

De vez en cuando hace sus rondas por las redes sociales una imagen de 2014 con la mejor película de cada país de Latinoamérica según el ránking de IMDb. La idea me gustó mucho, pero la lista estaba desactualizada —así que he repasado los datos de IMDb para rehacerla.
La lista muestra la película con el mejor promedio en IMDb de cada país. Solo he tenido en cuenta Brasil y los países hispanohablantes. Solo películas producidas en esos países y con más de 100 votos (excepto en el caso de El Salvador). Les he dado prioridad a las películas con muchos votos y a las que están en el top 250 de IMDb. En caso de encontrarme con notas similares, me he decantado por la película más conocida o la que tiene más premios.


El secreto de sus ojos (2009). Nota: 8,2 — Top 250.

Sheriff Clarke slams CNN’s Hill for ‘mediocre negroes’ jab, then gives him a glimpse of his ‘irrelevant’ future

Let the racial slurs fly!
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke had a fierce response Tuesday to CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill’s attack on seemingly any African-American who chooses to work with Trump, calling the hard-left political analyst a “jigaboo.”
In commenting on Steve Harvey’s visit this week with President-elect Donald Trump, Hill said the television personality was inconsequential and little more than a prop for Trump. Hill then went on to slam Trump’s Diversity Coalition, calling the group “a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV as a photo-op for Donald Trump’s exploitive campaign against black people.”
That coalition includes a list of professionals from all walks of life, including Martin Luther King Jr’s niece Alveda King who serves as the coalition’s spiritual advisor.
Needless to say, Clarke wasn’t too happy with Hill’s remarks and took to social media in a series of tweets to rip into Hill:

La Escuela de Frankfurt o como hacer la Revolucion Marxista sin disparar un tiro.


martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show

Scientists in Israel have demonstrated that it is possible to fabricate DNA evidence, undermining the credibility of what has been considered the gold standard of proof in criminal cases.
The scientists fabricated blood and saliva samples containing DNA from a person other than the donor of the blood and saliva. They also showed that if they had access to a DNA profile in a database, they could construct a sample of DNA to match that profile without obtaining any tissue from that person.
“You can just engineer a crime scene,” said Dan Frumkin, lead author of the paper, which has been published online by the journal Forensic Science International: Genetics. “Any biology undergraduate could perform this.”
Dr. Frumkin is a founder of Nucleix, a company based in Tel Aviv that has developed a test to distinguish real DNA samples from fake ones that it hopes to sell to forensics laboratories.

Polémica por las palabras del padre del ADN sobre la inteligencia de la raza negra

La llegada de James Watson al Reino Unido para promocionar su último libro no ha dejado indiferente a nadie. Una larga entrevista en el diario 'The Sunday Times' en la que el eminente científico estadounidense, codescubridor de la doble hélice de ADN, asegura que la inteligencia de las personas negras no es igual a la de los blancos, ya ha hecho saltar las primeras críticas entre sus colegas de profesión.
El polémico genetista de 79 años asegura en una conversación con una antigua discípula que es pesimista respecto al futuro de África, "porque todas nuestras políticas sociales están basadas en el hecho de que su inteligencia es la misma que la nuestra, cuando todas las pruebas demuestran que no es así". Y remata su intervención añadiendo que existe un deseo natural de que todos los seres humanos deben ser iguales, "pero la gente que tiene que tratar con empleados negros sabe que eso no es así".

jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

Jewish man accused of spray painting swastikas on his own home

There’s a new shocking revelation to the man whom Schenectady Police claim faked his own hate crime.
It turns out he may not even be Jewish as he claimed to be.
“I looked and said, ‘what the hell is going on here?'”
That was Andrew King during a NEWS10 ABC interview in February. He showed the messages of hate, swastikas spray-painted on the front of his Schenectady home.
As he adjusted his yarmulke, the proud man of faith expressed deep fear.
“I didn’t know, maybe they are going to do more than that, maybe from spray paint to trying to harm me.”
In a  twist to this story, King now stands accused himself!
Schenectady Police arresting King for falsely reporting the incident.


El sexo, según las religiones

Virtud o pecado. Religión y sexo no se ponen de acuerdo en algunas culturas, pero en otras, una es impensable sin el otro.


 “En árabe, sexo significa unión” 
Yaratullah Monturiol, experta en islam y feminismo, y parte del Parlamento Mundial de las Religiones, resume el panorama islámico. 
”El papel de la mujer en la pareja es ser el vestido del hombre. Y el hombre tiene que ser el vestido de la mujer. La pretensión de adjudicar funciones distintas por cuestión de genero es discutible. De hecho, la única exigencia es a nivel sexual. El no cumplirla se puede considerar motivo de separación”. 
“El pecado no existe en el islam. Concretamente, en la pareja no hay límite o prohibición sexual dentro del mutuo acuerdo. Solo se prohibe hacer daño al cónyuge.” 
“El sexo es la unión más elevada que puede alcanzar el ser humano. Para Mahoma, la mitad del camino del islam es el nikah. Este término viene del verbo nakaha-yankihu, la unión de lo femenino y lo masculino.” 
Poligamia. Según el Corán, un hombre puede tener hasta 4 mujeres, siempre que las trate a todas por igual. En la foto, una boda multitudinaria en Amán (Jordania), en la que 55 parejas de novios contraen matrimonio. 

martes, 14 de marzo de 2017

The Propaganda Photography of Anna Koppitz

Disclaimer: All the information for this short article comes mostly from the typical biased institutional sources (go figure). This is just a short summary based on the little information that there is available. Of course all the material is to be found strictly in German.

In the spring of 1939, Richard Walther Darré, Reichsminister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft contacted Anna Koppitz, who lived in Vienna. He engaged the widow of the renowned art photographer Rudolf Koppitz, with whom she had worked intensively until his death, to take pictures of his beloved project, which was to photograph the pupils of the Reichsschule Burg Neuhaus, located near Wolfsburg. The declared objective of the institute was to create racial models by selecting gymnasts from farmers’ families, where Darré saw the future of the German people. Anna Koppitz’s photographs were to play a central role in the dissemination of this model.
As early as 1930, Hitler appointed Darré as the agrarian expert of the NSDAP with the task of winning the rural population for the predominantly urban National-Socialist movement. Photography was the favorite medium of Reich Minister of State R. Walther Darré in order to illustrate and spread his blood-and-soil ideology. The protagonists, which were to be placed in front of the camera, were athletic youths from the peasantry, who were specially trained in the Reichsschule Neuhaus castle. On their bodies, he projected his conceptions of the German race and the peasants as the genetic future of Germany.

Mapa De La Cara Dice Qué Enfermedades Sufres Por Dentro

¿Sabías que los problemas de salud dentro de tu cuerpo se reflejan a menudo en la piel? 

El mapa de la cara es una forma en la cual el análisis de la piel y el aspecto del rostro se dividen en catorce zonas. Cada zona es una ventana que provee información importante sobre distintos problemas de salud asociados con distintos órganos. Esta no es solamente una forma de tratar los problemas del rostro sino también los problemas de salud que están bajo la superficie. 
Las manchas en la cara pueden ser causadas por agentes externos directamente pero las manchas que son recurrentes pueden significar algo más. Conoce la salud de tu cuerpo con la ayuda del mapa facial y encuentra lo que está diciendo tu piel. 


Zonas 1 y 3 – La frente: sistema digestivo y vejiga. 

Los brotes constantes y las manchas en la frente sugieren una pobre digestión y toxinas acumulándose en la vejiga. Esto quiere decir que deberías mejorar la dieta y la forma de eliminar líquidos. Trata de desintoxicar tu cuerpo tomando más agua y comiendo más alimentos enteros. 


Zona 2 – entre las cejas: el hígado. 
Los problemas en esta área están relacionados con el hígado. Tata de eliminar la ingesta de alcohol y alimentos grasos. Ya que este tipo de alimentos son difíciles de procesar para el hígado. Esta también es el área donde la alergia a los alimentos se refleja, como la intolerancia a la lactosa, así que considera esto la próxima vez que comas. 


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Life of crime is in the genes, study claims

Burglary and theft were the largest group of unsolved crimes  Photo: REX FEATURES

he idea crime could be in part genetic is extremely controversial because most criminologists argue the root causes of crime are environmental factors such as poverty.
But now a group of researchers claims that the genes we are born with could play an even more significant role in our chances of turning to a criminal lifestyle in later years.
A University of Texas study published in the Criminology journal found that although there is no single gene which causes criminal behaviour, there are probably a wide range which play a small part in raising or lowering our chance of offending.
Dr J.C. Barnes, one of the co-authors, said: "There are likely to be hundreds, if not thousands, of genes that will incrementally increase your likelihood of being involved in a crime even if it only ratchets that probability by 1 per cent,” he said. “It still is a genetic effect. And it’s still important.”

Researchers looked at three broad groups of people: those who persistently offend throughout their lives, those who only commit crimes in their teens, and those who always obey the law.
They focused on so-called life-course persistent offenders, who are typically guilty of anti-social behaviour during adolescence before progressing to violent or more serious crimes in adult life.



Sweden: Non-White Invaders Create 55 “No-Go” Zones

The mass Third World invasion of Sweden has created at least 55 “no-go” zones for whites and police, that country’s official public broadcaster has announced

Quoting a serving Swedish policeman, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) also revealed that nonwhite invader attacks on the police cause at least three resignations per day from that force.
The mass nonwhite invasion has created huge ghettoes in Sweden where police officers are attacked and their vehicles stoned for no reason other than their presence.
Now there are at least 55 “no go” areas which are on a police blacklist. These areas are divided into three categories ranging from “risk areas” to “seriously vulnerable.” The most heavily nonwhite areas, such as Biskopsgården in Gothenburg Municipality, are the most dangerous.
Sergeant Peter Larsson told NRK that at least 80 percent of the remaining police officers are actively seeking other jobs because policing the nonwhite invasion has become too dangerous.
“We have a major crisis. Many colleagues are choosing to quit. We are not investigating crimes; we don’t have time to cover the call-outs we are tasked with.”
According to Sergeant Larsson, a “normal” shift for police officers now includes being attacked by mobs of nonwhite invaders who throw stones at them and their patrol cars, call-outs to numerous vehicles being set ablaze, and increasing cases of assaults and murder.

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Escritor: "Obama fue el presidente más racista en la historia de EE.UU."

Barack Obama es el "presidente más racista que haya habido nunca en EE.UU.", aseguran destacados analistas político-económicos estadounidenses.

Según el escritor y comentarista económico Ben Stein, citado por 'Infowars', las políticas internas de la Administración Obama están dividiendo racialmente a EE.UU.

"Este presidente es el presidente más racista que haya habido nunca en EE.UU.", dijo Stein. "Él está deliberadamente tratando de utilizar la raza para dividir a los estadounidenses", agregó.

También señaló que el número de personas que reciben el servicio de bienestar público (programa de asistencia dirigido a las familias más pobres) ha aumentado drásticamente durante la presidencia de Obama, pero estos programas en los últimos años han sufrido recortes presupuestarios.

Is this the end of the white man in Africa?

Just a few years back, Kenya’s Laikipia plateau was paradise. 
Many times my wife and I have ridden out on horseback at sunrise among elephants and giraffe, buck, warthog and the occasional leopard, marvelling that such wild beauty still exists on earth.
No longer, however.
For many months now, Laikipia’s cattle farms and game ranches, many of them white-owned, have been invaded and overrun by armed tribesmen brandishing automatic rifles, burning buildings and terrorising owners as they claim grazing rights for their own cattle.
On Sunday, this scourge reached a new climax: the famous safari guide, farmer and former British Army officer, Tristan Voorspuy, was shot out of his saddle and killed as he inspected lodges on his estate that had been torched in an arson attack.

British born Father-of-two Tristan Voorspuy was shot dead in the region of Laikipia in Kenya

His death has sent a tremor of shock and outrage through white Kenya and its tourist industry, comparable with that in 2011 when Somali pirates struck at the country’s once-idyllic coast, kidnapping or killing several tourists.

domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

La "colonización" genética de A.Latina

Por primera vez científicos logran demostrar cómo la historia colonial de América Latina formó la diversidad genética de la región.

Según el equipo de investigadores de varias universidades de América Latina, Europa y Estados Unidos, el estudio reveló "marcadas diferencias" genéticas entre las regiones del continente.
Pero también demuestra que los latinoamericanos seguimos conservando la herencia genética de las poblaciones indígenas precolombinas.
"Nos interesaba utilizar la genética para reconstruir la historia de estas poblaciones por dos razones" dijo a BBC Ciencia Andrés Ruiz-Linares, profesor de genética humana de la Universidad de Londres y quien dirigió la investigación.
"Para documentar el proceso de mestizaje de la región, y para identificar los genes de las enfermedades más frecuentes en los indígenas americanos", agrega.


Hasta ahora no se sabía con exactitud cómo ocurrió el proceso de mestizaje de América Latina.
"Éste, afirman los autores en la revista PLoS Genetics, es el estudio de mestizaje más amplio que se ha hecho en Latinoamérica hasta el momento".
Los investigadores analizaron unos 800 marcadores genéticos del genoma humano en 13 poblaciones mestizas de siete países de la región.

South Africa: President Demands “Black Unity” against Whites

Making the call—to loud applause—during a speech last Friday in the parliament building in Cape Town (a physical building built during the era of white rule), Zuma called for support of a constitutional amendment to allow land expropriation without compensation.
A constitutional amendment of that extent would require a two-thirds majority in the parliament, something that would only be achievable by an alliance between the ANC and the viciously anti-white “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF) party, led by former ANC youth leader Julius Malema.
“We need to accept the reality that those who are in Parliament, where laws are made, particularly the black parties, should unite because we need a two-thirds majority to effect changes in the Constitution,” said Zuma.
Zuma made the call to “black unity” during the annual address to the “National House of Traditional Leaders”—a collection of tribal chiefs and “traditional” local leaders.
It is not the first time that Zuma has made this call. In 2014 and 2016 he announced changes to the land restitution system which re-opened the process (which originally had an expiration date by when claims had to be submitted), and called on the “traditional leaders” to make claims “on behalf of their communities.”