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Andrew Jackson's Replacement is Symbolic of Our Own

The Department of the Treasury recently announced that Andrew Jackson's prominent place on the the twenty-dollar bill will be altered. The former President and soldier will still feature on the bill, but in the background, as an afterthought. His replacement is Harriet Tubman.
Jackson was a war hero and a populist. Jackson enlisted in the Continental Army during the American Revolution at the age of 12. His mother and two brothers died during the course of their service. Jackson survived, although not unscarred. He received scars when he refused to clean a British Officers boots after his capture. In the War of 1812 he handily inflicted 2,000 casualties on a British force at new Orleans, suffering fewer than a hundred casualties. It was by far the most decisive victory that the American forces won during the War of 1812. Jackson became the hero of New Orleans, and this helped launch his political career.
Jackson became President of the United States thanks to the votes of the common people. He was the only President to ever pay off the entirety of the national debt. His Scots-Irish penchant for fighting whenever honour demanded it didn't vanish when his time as a soldier ended; he fought over a hundred duels during his lifetime. While an old man he attacked an assassin with his cane, and had to be pulled off the man by surrounding onlookers. Despite fighting in two wars, a hundred duels, and an assassination attempt, Old Hickory lived to be 78 when he died of natural causes.

His greatest achievement was the abolishment of America's national bank. Jackson once remarked "the bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it." Not one to make empty promises, Jackson did indeed kill the bank and the power it held over the American republic. A bank that has significant independence from Congress has returned in the form of the Federal Reserve, and we now see what Jackson prevented.
This is the man whose memory is to be consigned to the dustbin of history.
The woman replacing him is Harriet Tubman, a slave who escaped and later helped other slaves escape.
The Department of the Treasury has three important figures in it. One is Rosa Gumataotao Rios, a Hispanic who is the current Treasurer. The Deputy Secretary of the Treasury is Sarah Bloom Raskin. She may or may not echo (her maiden name, Bloom, is a common Jewish surname), but her Congressman husband (((Jamie Raskin))) certainly does. Finally, the Secretary of the Treasury is (((Jacob Lew))).
The libertarians at Reason Magazine have again shown their penchant for trying to show liberals how tolerant and modern they are with a Buzzfeed-tier article. Jackson claimed that the role of government was "to leave commerce to its own capital and credit as well as all other branches of business, protecting all in their legal pursuits, granting exclusive privileges to none", but hey, he probably, like, didn't smoke weed and he wasn't Black so he's not really a libertarian icon.
This may surprise some libertarians, but the monolithic government that takes huge sums of America's money, supports wealth redistribution, and regulates virtually everything didn't choose Tubman because of her libertarian credentials.
What is happening here is the triumph of one vision of America over another. Jackson, a war hero and champion of the common man is being sidelined because he stood for the wrong America in the eyes of the (((powers that be))). Jackson stood for the America of free White men, the America that the founder's spoke of when they talked of "our posterity". Tubman replacing him is the replacement of White America with the multiracial America that has been forced upon us.
So they'll tear down the Battle Flag, and they'll dig up Bedford Forrest, and try to push Old Hickory out of sight. Eventually they'll go after Washington, and protest against the Jefferson memorial. Both owned slaves and supported the eventual deportation of Blacks, so there's ammunition to use against them. They committed the highest sin of all; they were White men who wanted a White country.
This simply one more step towards the abolition of the White American nation. If you want to rob a people of their identity then attack their history, or even better, simply hide it away and don't talk about it. This treatment of Andrew Jackson is another move in rewriting America.

(Source: therightstuff.biz)

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