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Mestizos, Heroin and White Addicts – An Unpleasant Truth for America

I don’t known the exact day I first noticed them, but it became apparent to me I was seeing something that didn’t quite fit the ‘narrative’. A girlfriend and I walk the dogs nearly every day up at the local park. Where we live, Mestizos are not the ‘norm’. They have a few shops here and there in our region, but lately they’ve been popping up like coyotes. This one ‘family’ actually has a schedule – for all intents and purposes, they appear ‘normal’. The problem is, they are at the park from five, till close, nearly everyday. They are extremely suspicious of people that walk up next to them, unless it is a white person they know. The question is, how do they know each other?
Unfortunately, there seems to be more and more of these Mestizos each day.
“But they seem like such nice people” you hear folks saying. Still, to me, something wasn’t right.
Unlike our local liberals, socialists and democrats – while I’m not mean to the Mestizo children, I don’t go out of my way to make them feel welcome. They aren’t wanted here. They represent a culture of death (as they always have historically), so why should I or any other sane person throw out the white guilt welcome mat just because we are expected to do so?
Corresponding almost immediately with the new Mestizo surge here appears to be a huge spike in heroin usage and overdoses. The local hospital has reported nearly four times the case load that it has ever had in heroin related visits. The more we learn about the source of the heroin, Mexico, we began to see a pattern emerging. Our community is small enough that you can put the dots together pretty quickly. Looking across New Jersey and the rest of New England, the pattern becomes as clear as a ringing bell; the more Mestizos you have, the more heroin you have getting dumped on the community. [Ref: Heroin’s Hold On New Jersey.]
Nearly every media outlet I know of is avoiding this correlation.  If there ever was a point where one could say white guilt is killing us, this is it. The current media, as whole, flat refuses to point out that the source of the heroin is the Mestizo population. I guess it’s ok for thousands upon thousands of white New Englanders to become hooked on the stuff, while many of those die, just to avoid being called a ‘racist’.
From the Heartland, to Texas, to the North East (especially) and even in picturesque Southern towns … this summer has seen an incredible number of heroin overdoses.  Again, all of these places are also experiencing an uptick in Mestizo illegals moving in.  The heroin that they are bringing with is not just powerful (like the new strains of marijuana in America), it is also deadly.
The issue is, most of the heroin now is specifically, intentionally and diabolically laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl can cause immediate death in the right dose. It’s obvious to me why the Cartels are doing this, they are out to kill people.
Entire communities are being heavily affected, yet no one will point the finger at the illegal migrants for being the source of this Mexican cartel weapon of white death. You can quickly find toxicology reports that say the current batch of heroin is five to seven times more powerful than what we have seen in the past in America.
I found this video from 2001 that doesn’t skip the issue:

Here, it’s our hipster community that has taken the greatest blow. Most are white (though some are Jewish), young and really don’t know any better. I have no particular love for their lifestyle, but they are white and the heroin is killing them. The problem is, this is an upscale, highly educated, very wealthy white community and town. If the Mestizo heroin problem is happening here, it’s happening in a lot of places.
I didn’t stay silent about it very long. While I won’t go into what all measures I took online, I did take action personally. People need to know and they need to say something. However, when you point this out to the liberal leftist in town, they show you a picture of an American soldier walking through a field of poppies in Afghanistan. They blame the CIA only. Such nonsense is exactly that, nonsense.
In the words of the old guy down the street, “It’s the Mexicans [Mestizos] stupid”.
The greatest opponent here to discussing racial issues, colored crime and problems is the Jewish Community Center. Their active campaign to ‘eradicate’ racism makes it hard to talk to people about the Mestizo heroin issue. They’ve teamed up with several other well known social groups in order to ‘erase racism’. To even speak out against the city politicians (most of them Jewish) actively flooding the town with Mestizos, you of course get the ‘R’ brand. Simultaneously teamed up with Chamber of Commerce, they seem to be worsening the issue.
Of course, people are discussing the heroin problem, but as normal, they are blaming ‘white people’. “It’s the white community’s problem, that’s their drug.” And the worst, “They deserve it.”
I wanted to write this piece because it didn’t seem like there was a lot about the Mestizo / Heroin connection on the internet this summer and now going into fall. I have no doubt that this is another weapon yet being deployed against white European Americans.
Regardless of ‘who’ is to blame, it’s obvious to anyone with with an IQ over 80 that America’s heroin problem is directly tied to the Mestizo invasion.

(Source: renegadetribune.com)

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