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RACIST LEFTIST Respond to seeing the word: "WHITE"


Liberals & leftists respond to seeing the word 'white'. This is what happens when you push an agenda of anti-white hatred & white guilt!
Weird. I think of crime statistics when I hear the word “black”

 We need a final solution to this madness. Mass deportations are the answer. All ‘persons of colour’ should be sent back to BongoBongoLand.

 They hate us, yet refuse to move away from us...
 Neo-Marxism has done it's work infecting the world with a new and improved form of racism.
 Diversity is our greatest mistake. Oh wait! It wasn't OUR mistake. It was forced on us. Diversity is actually the propagation of racism.

 There are only 2 ways to eliminate racism 1) racially pure societies. Patriotic solution. 2) racially mixed (at genetic level) world. Communist solution.

 How do they feel about a white Christmas? Everybody loves a white Christmas!... Same thing. You think "racist" Christmas. It's the way we've been trained. Bing Crosby would have hell of a game singing that! I guess that'll make him a racist!

 Its Ok to be White.

 If you don't like white people then just leave... there are plenty of countries the void of white people you can live.

 It's ok to be White. Deport illegals and build the wall, it will only get Whiter.

 England 2017

Saying “White privilege” is code for “im a lazy bastard”, lets invent something to cover it up and blame white people instead of acknowledging our failiures.

 Google “American inventors” and observe how the internet is hostile to whitey.
 And lesbian socialist tutors who would grade male papers lower just because of being male. Saying males were good for nothing. Talking about you Dr Anna Stewart at Griffith uni. When I went to uni there were grants, scholarships and financial support for Aboriginal, women, or disabled students. What did single white males get? A HECS fee. Where was my white privilege?

 “Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me”
 I want some white privilege.... Was I standing in the wrong queue when it was given out??
 Some talk about 'privilege' & 'power'; if they get off their ass & study hard they'll have the required qualifications to be successful too.
 A lot of these responses are robotic, they've been conditioned in their response. Privilege! Racism! Arrogance! Collective psyop on mass population.
 The whitepill takeaway though is the left is making a great argument for racial separation....lets get the ball rolling!
 "White is a way of being, it doesn't always mean skin colour", wtf does that actually mean, can anyone enlighten me?... and I don't have a clue to the answer. Maybe it means anyone can be white in which case what's the problem?
 Yes, very confusing. Guess she's referring to that privilege I'm still waiting to feel. If I've already got it, it's bloody subtle!!

 I helped a black woman change her flat tire tonight on my way home from work and it didn't benefit me at all contrary to what that guy said. I didn't do it because I'm a feminist or because black lives matter. I did it because I was able and it's right.

 We are actually in the age of open and celebrated racism towards white people. Never thought I’d see the day. They have made us into a boogeyman for all the worlds problems. MTV talks this shit for god sake.

 Give me a damn break! There is no 'white privilege', we just work for what we have! There is however 'black privilege', 'illegals privilege', & 'Muslim privilege'! In an effort not to be called racist, our society has now given way to racism against whites, & it needs to stop!!

 I see and and hear black privilege, able to think and say racist remarks against white people because there black.  Pedigree or mongrel.

 I like how they all complain about White men while using White man's language on White man's technology in White man's countries. How about saying "thanks" instead? Ungrateful.
 They hate us but love the societies we build.

 Black people are honest about what they think...I suggest that white people should also be honest. Don't be politically correct with Black people because they have no problem with insulting and being racist towards whites. I have NO Guilt, NO Shame ... White is beautiful.

 How many ''african'' americans been there? its like me saying i'm ''irish'' english, and the first person to say ''but ,but,they were slaves'' knows nothing about irish history............

 Privilege, power, access, luxury - all outcomes of an advanced civilisation that has provided opportunity - very often not taken - to non-whites, with many desperately jealous of a demonstrably superior culture that their countries of origin still lag way behind. Basic jealousy.

 This shows how easy it is to indoctrinate young people into a narrative to breed hatred, prejudice and discrimination. But, it does cause favouritism, biased systems and unequal justice to creep into society.

 We Europeans created the greatest civilisation the world has ever known. We should be too busy being proud of our accomplishments to even even acknowledge the poisonous & false mantra of 'white guilt'.

'All White People are Racist' - this outrageous message is pushed in colleges & universities & fuels white guilt & anti-white hatred. Reject this poisonous message & be proud of your European heritage.

Welcome to London!

 If trends continue then non-whites will be the majority in Europe & the US within 50 years. Multiculturalism & diversity are just code words for white genocide.


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